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III School-conference of Young nuclear scientists of Siberia
Tomsk, 23-25 October 2013

«IV School-conference of Young nuclear scientists of Siberia will be held in Tomsk from 23 to 25 October in 2013.

School-conference of Young nuclear scientists of Siberia is an annual event held in Tomsk under the support of state Corporation «Rosatom», Tomsk oblast administration, National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University, Seversk Technological Institute of National Research Nuclear University «MEPHI», non-commercial partnership on scientific and innovative activity «Tomsk Atomic Center» and Information center for Tomsk nuclear energy.

Conference objectives — to involve undergraduates, Masters and postgraduate students into the active participation in scientific research activity in different spheres of nuclear industry, current issues of nuclear medicine, promotion of knowledge about nuclear technologies among young people.

Undergraduates, young scientists and specialists, participating in scientific research and the students of upper classes of comprehensive schools are invited to take part in the conference. We expect the participation of the students of foreign higher education institutions as invited guests.

Workshops of the school-conference (preliminary information):

  1. Technologies of nuclear fuel cycle.
  2. Advanced directions in the development of nuclear energy.
  3. Nuclear technologies in innovative economics (medicine, industry, agriculture.)
  4. Actual questions of nuclear nonproliferation, safety and ecology of nuclear industry.
  5. Nuclear technologies — step in the future (for school students).

Important deadlines

On-line registration start — 05 September 2013

On-line registration deadline — 30 September 2013

Confirmation of acceptance — 06 October 2013

Submission deadline reports — 30 September 2013

Confirmation of submission — 06 October 2013

Submission deadline article — 24 November 2013


On-line registration will be open on 05 September 2013 on the conference site page www.aes.tomsk.ru in the section «On-line registration».

All the registered participants will be invited to report their works. Selection of the reports in the workshops will be finished on 06 October 2013 after which the participants will be informed about the form of participation (oral report or stand participation).


All the reports will be published in the proceedings of the school-conference. Best reporters will be offered to prepare an article on the topic of their work which will be published in journal «Izvestija Vuzov, Physics» (listed by Higher Attestation Commission).

We are looking forward to your participation in the III School-conference of Young nuclear specialists of Siberia!

Conference page is on site: www.aes.tomsk.ru

The Conference institutors and sponsors



Public Council



Tomsk Atomic Centre

Administration of Tomsk Oblast



Info Center for Atomic Energy


III School-conference of Young nuclear scientists of Siberia
Tomsk, 15-17 October 2012

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